Two days after Rec and Lisa tied the knot we got together again with them dressed in their finery. This time we weren't worried about the dress getting dirty though... This time we were going all out to have as much fun as possible, have them take a swim or two and thoroughly mess that dress up!  The goal is never to actually trash a dress, but more along the lines of dirty the dress and have a ton of fun doing it. And let me tell you, a beautiful Maui morning sticking our toes in the sand is JUST the place and time to do a session like this.

Rec and Lisa were down to have some fun and get a little wet. Which, seeing that Lisa was fighting a cold that morning, says something! She never once waivered in any of the ideas we had. And seriously, look at these two... gorgeous!

Love the segment above... and how Lisa's face never wavers! Love this last black and white. Total blooper image, it was the first time that the water hit them during the session and they weren't expecting it. Love Rec's face and that you can see my shadow.

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