I've been needing a couple good photos of myself recently for my profile photo on my website, but unfortunately the "self picture" shot that I usually have of myself (that include the arm that is holding the camera leading out of the photo :P ) doesn't exactly cut it. So, while I was hanging out with my friend Amber Brickman yesterday who is an awesome photographer, she indulged me and we went out to get some photos of me. Amber is an awesome photographer shooting weddings and portraits. Her site is www.amberbrickman.com , but keep your eyes peeled, because she is in the middle of a complete site overhaul!

It is always bizarre to me to be on the other side of the camera. My husband nicely calls the look that is usually on my face in photos as my "camera face" . That usually occurs because I am wondering what the person with the camera is doing and so I tend to have a perplexed smile on my face in most pics... Not the most flattering, but I can't seem to keep from making that face! Luckily, because I know Amber is quite handy with camera (we went to the same photo school ), she is able to get good shots of me! I am super excited for all the photos that we got... and here they are!

Oh, yes, all photos © Amber Brickman Photography

re_090302_6547re_090302_6483re_090302_6497re_090302_6498Gotta love when a little breeze picks up. Natures own wind machine :P



Thanks Amber for such an awesome job!

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