I just got back yesterday from my first Hawaiian vacation. Pete (my hubby) and I hadn't taken a vacation since our honeymoon in Mexico two and a half years ago. We realized it was over due to take a week of to play and what better place to go play than in Maui where my brother is currently living.  We booked our flight back in June and I waited patiently for the four months to pass dreaming of warm weather, bikinis and flip flops.We got back last night and I have done a cursory look through my images to find some that caught my eye.

I shot a lot of landscape photos because for me that can be really soothing. And I love to be able to update my site all the time. While I was there I did a bunch of research of the island so that when I book any destination weddings on Maui, I will have the knowledge of the best places to go with my brides and grooms.

Here is a sneak peak and I will have a lengthier entry about the trip when I get a chance! ( and I will tell you about our emergancy landing back at SeaTac because of bad brakes in the longer entry)

This first image is the view from the top of Haleakala which is the tallest mountain on Maui. I believe it reaches 11,000 feet at its peak and the view at sunrise is beautiful. You are higher up than even the clouds. It was breathtaking. I will have more shots from here later.

The second shot is from Baldwin Beach on North Maui right off of Hana Highway. It is right by this cute little town Paia. This beach is supposed to be good for surfing, but, take it from me, it isn't good for body surfing. The sand on that beach is much rougher than on the South side of the island!

Pete and I took the road to Hana on one of the days. It was a beautiful drive that Pete was really wanting his race car on beacause it was sooo curvy. We stopped in some parking lot on our way back to finish our sandwiches and I spotted this view. If you look up on the hill to the right of the road there is a cross up on the hill. It is small in this photo, but it was quite a ways away, so it must be huge in person.

This waterfall is the first waterfall at the Seven Sacred Pools just a little ways past Hana. Because of the time of year that we went, the water level was low and not all the pools were running, but this one was going fully. To see some amazing photos of the sacred pools, check out the landscape photographer Peter Lik. He is an outstanding fine art photographer that lives in Hawai'i and has the luck of being able to capture Hawai'i at all different times of the year. He's got a great shot of the pools at full cycle.

On the way back from Hana, there is a garden called "The Garden of Eden" that has a rediculous amount of native Hawai'ian plants. We rushed to try and get there before the sun went down on our way back from Hana, and we did... but the garden was already closed. So I bummed around the outskirts of the garden by the road while Pete read his book in the Jeep. I was looking forward to getting to take photos inside the garden, but I am happy with what I ended with also. Not bad for taking pictures by the side of the road :P

The next 3 photos are from that excursion:

While waiting around at Big Beach ( which is the largest undeveloped beach on Maui, hence the name Big Beach :P ) one of the nights  waiting for sunset, we were intertained with a bunch of locals skimboarding. I had never seen people skimboarding before so of course I had a blast taking some pictures. Skimboarding is when they use a really thin board that is really similar to a boogy board and they wait till the waves break at the beach and they skim in a ride them right there. It was really fun to watch.

And when sunset actually came along:

This shot is cool because it was from Secrets Beach and even though it looks like daytime, it was right after sunset. It was a 7 second exposure at F22. I like the surrealness of it.

This shot is from the same sunset at the previous shot. I like how misty the water looks.

Thanks for looking! And comments are always welcome.