I got the privilge to be with my family this Christmas and that means I got to hang out with my two nieces. They are like my two little muses. Audrey is two and very used to seeing me with a huge black camera in front of my face :) Annie is 6 months, and she is still a bit skeptical why Aunt Becca's face keeps getting eaten by the big black thing with the bright lights.... she'll get used to it in time :-P

Annie is at the stage where everything goes into her mouth... including Daddy's nose!

Josh and Erica are two of a kind...

Audrey wanted to make a cake for baby Jesus' birthday. So after dinner on Christmas Eve, we all sang happy birthday to Jesus and Erica and Audrey blew out the candles :)

Josh and I walked around a bit on Christmas day while he showed me areas of Ellensburg that he thought were picturesque (75% sure that is a word, and 95% sure I spelled it wrong :-P  )

This is my favorite. The icicles coming off of the the water tower with the barbed wire and the tree shadow pulled it all in nicely to me.