So I've been saving for a while for a new camera. I recently gave my old Nikon D70 to my brother which left me backup camera-less for the upcoming wedding season. The idea of my camera stopping working during a wedding was starting to give me nightmares, so this weekend I bought a Nikon D300. This camera is amazing. I of course was running around taking pictures with it all day. Forgive me for the randomness of the post, but my husband just bought a moped also, so  I took the liberty of shooting us playing on the moped and then we went to Carkeek park for my friend Eric's birthday party...

I love this camera!

My husband, Pete.

this is me... this is why I am always on the other side of the camera :)

Boys and their toys... like to be photographed by a girl and her new toy )

my favorite picture of the day. Me, Sarah, and Michelle.

I surprised that I got this picture, because we were on the beach and they were kind enough to let me run around and take pictures of them, but wanted one with all of us. I put my camera on self timer and ... gasp... placed my new camera on a log 12" above SAND and prayed that there wouldn't be a freak breeze and knock it into the sand (which is basically death for camera gear). It all worked out in the end because I love the shot.