So, I know everyone has seen the commercials... "There's an app for that!" I don't have regular television, and I have even seen the "There's an app for that!" commercial. Apple is quite smart in their marketing, I must say! But, since there is an app for everything, I wondered if there was an app for credit card processing. Low and behold, there is! So, now, thanks to the handy people at Apple (and who ever designed this app!), I can now process credit cards with out the hindrance of a clunky processing machine. The app on my iPhone is 100% secure and works like a charm. This has been a feature I have been wanting to offer my clients for a while, as, for most people... it's just nice to be able to pay via credit card sometimes.

So, from now on, if you are interested in booking a photo session, but cash and check don't work for you at the moment, I am now able to proccess your Visa or Mastercard!_reb3864_reb3865

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