Last Friday I finally got to meet little Noah. Amy and Nathan had been holding their breath for little Noah's arrival on July 7th... but at least  they didn't have to hold their breath that long as he decided to enter breathing into this world on July 3rd. Just in time to celebrate Independence Day! You probably remember Amy and Nathan from our West Seattle maternity session from a couple weeks back. They were super excited to meet little Noah and when I saw them again on Friday, they were even more excited after meeting him! Congrats to the beginning of your beautiful little family Amy, Nathan and Noah! I can't wait to watch him grow!

newborn baby in a hatnewborn baby sleepingnewborn baby toesnew family embracesnewborn baby giving dabsnewborn and catI love this picture of their kitty. While Noah was being nursed, I placed my camera on the bed and the kitty became curious. He nuzzled up to my  lens, and I just had to press the button. Thank god for macro lenses and auto focus, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten that photo!