Winter night time engagement photos at Pike Place Market and in unexpected productions Improv theater in downtown Seattle.

Nighttime is my favorite time to do engagement photos at Pike Place Market.

Seeing that it's a crazy tourist scene while it's open, it makes for a harder time to capture authentic moments in the stir of tourists. But if you wait till around sundown when the market is coming to a close, it holds a completely different feel.

The vendors are all gone, the fish all putaway and the halls are empty. Perfect for a couple in love to stroll through the scene holding hands. And that is exactly what we did with Jaclyn and Marc's engagement session.

Jaclyn and Marc met at Unexpected Productions Improv Theater when they were in improv classes. It's where they fell in love, it's where Marc surprised Jaclyn with a surprise proposal during an improv show (they were in it!) and it's where they come every week to perform... so it made perfect sense to me that this is where we came to photograph their engagement.

Marc and Jaclyn have a connection that makes you just want to be around them even more. They joke and laugh more than anyone I know, and their interactions made them the MOST fun to photograph! 

We roamed the empty market and then got into the theater before it opened for the night. Laughed together while they hung out on stage, and basically just had an amazing and memorable night.