A couple of weekends ago, I went to Ellensburg to visit family and do a couple of shoots and the S family won a portrait session with me through an auction I donated to at Stage Door Dance Studio. I love donated to good causes, and the dance school my nieces go to definitely fall under that category :)

So we met on a  suprisingly warm day to frolick with the kids through the park and get some fun portraits.

The kids were a bit skeptical of me at first. Most kids assume when their parents tell them we are doing a portrait session, is a lot of standing still and smiling at the camera. Not exactly the funnest thing from their point of view. And to be honest, not the funnest thing from mine either. Nothing harder than a fake smile and a stiff kid! So, when I told them that I was more interested in watching them play and goof around and to have them have fun... they were intersested. Once I told them to pickup the fall leaves and to toss them at me and the camera... they realize that maybe... just maybe I am okay.

A couple of leaves on my head is always worth it for an all out good time had by all! Then when I tell them to run and climb and play... we have a great time!

Thanks for frolicking in the park and goofing around with me S family!!!