I photographed Lydia back in August while little baby Mateus was still in the oven. We had a blast goofing off and taking picutres that day.  Here are some photos from that session!re_080812_9337-2re_080812_9356-editre_080812_9387It was great fun to capture Lydia in her beautiful pregnancy.  So, of course when little Mateus showed up in November, I was excited to be able to come back and document his little presence in the world. Yesterday I went back to Lydia's and got to watch a very attentive little Mateus keep his eye on me while we were getting the room ready to take pictures. He was so cute that it was hard to stop taking picutres of him. What was also great to see was Lydia's older son, 5 year old Clayton every couple minutes would stop his reading game on the computer to come look at his little brother and kiss his brow. It seemed like he just had to make sure that little bro was ok. Clayton is going to be an awesome big brother! re_090121_7746


how cute are these baby leg warmers??? Bringing the 80s back!re_090121_7605re_090121_7614

What is it about baby toes that are just so cute?




re_090121_7665re_090121_7668He was working on a smile for me!re_090121_7678re_090121_7685I love baby parts! Tiny feet, tiny fists, tiny ears.... all so cute!

re_090121_7688re_090121_7709Doesn't everyone let their baby sleep on the mantle??? Just kidding! Lydia is litterly 2 inchs out of frame just in case he moves. No babies were harmed in the making of this photo :-P


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