Jessica and Kevin met on MySpace... yep, Myspace. He had just recently moved to Bremerton for the Navy and was looking for people to connect with. This was back when MySpace was as big as Facebook, and his bold move of messaging her out of the blue worked! They chatted a bit, before having their first date where he met her at the Bremerton Ferry dock. That first date was a first of many ventures over ferries while they fell for each other. Years later, Kevin brought her back to that same ferry terminal to go down on bended knee and ask his love to marry him. I loved getting to know Jess and Kevin this year. They are such honest and amazingly sweet people. The love and laughter is there and strong with these two!  We chose their engagement session to be at the Snoqualmie Falls because it is a place they've always  loved to go and it was so much fun. The sun was out, and the jokes were abundant!

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