Today is mine and Pete's anniversary. 4 years ago today, I was walking down the aisle just like the brides I document every weekend! It was such a blur. Still is a blur.

Married for 4 years, together for 9 and he is still my best friend, the first face I want to see in the morning and the person who oh so kindly takes the book off my face when I fall asleep reading most nights, dog ears if for me and cuddles close because he knows I can't produce my own warmth.

I feel lucky every day that I have his constant support, his dorky jokes to make me laugh, and his daily remarks about how beautiful I am.

We were just kids when we got together (like 17 and 19), and we are completely different people than we were when we first met, but even though we have changed and changed and changed again through these past years, we have always done it hand in hand, ready to tackle the next day together.

So my splendid detail for this beautiful May morning, is the love for my husband. The one I can't do without.

I love you {pants}!

Here is Pete and I circa 2001

A couple from our wedding May 21, 2006

(courtesy our awesome photographer Christine Scott of Olympia)

And one from last month!