So, I have to admit.... I started this Splendid Details post on my blog to try and help me be better about blogging regularly. I figured that once a week was a great goal, and something attainable. Well, 45 weeks have passed since I started Splendid Details and I have done 23 posts... well, lets count this one so I feel better and call it 24 :) . That leaves me posting 53% of the time, and it's better than I thought when I started writing a couple of moments ago, but still pretty lame for goal achievement... I think I need to face the fact that I am not super duper great at attaining my goals. And that is no ones fault but my own. It's also why this is being posted late on a Friday evening instead of having posted it in the morning like I thought I would. But hey, I am doing it right? That is all that matters... well, that isn't true, but again to help me feel better I am going to pretend it is for now :)

I tend to set goals. I love to set goals and I am GREAT for the first little while, but then I get bored or distracted and there it goes. Like I have had a goal to loose 10 pounds for about a year now, but when I go out I rarely order a salad...I also had a goal to work out for 30 days straight doing one of Jillian Michaels home DVD workouts. I really enjoyed doing the workout, was liking the results, and then stopped on day 7. I got distracted and didn't start back up again.  Even asking Pete to help get me out of bed when he wakes up... I say it at night, and then ignore his prodding in the morning. ( I admit, I love my sleep. It's hard to get me to choose something other than sleep if sleep is an option!)

I am looking right now at the 2010 goals I set for myself in January that is pinned to my wall.

So, seeing that we are smack dab in the middle of 2010, it got me thinking about goals, and where I am on them. Lets see.

2010 Goals:

Photograph 26 weddings . I haven't hit this number yet, but I am pretty happy of the number I am at considering the economy. This goal probably won't be achieved this year, but I am happy with where I am.  Goal not attained... but okay with it.

Track hours worked. As Pete would tell you, I work too much. As it being a Friday on a holiday weekend and it is 7 and I am still working, tells you I work too much. I think I would work less if I actually tracked my hours and productivity. Goal not attained... and need to change that.

Ride the Seattle to Portland bike ride. This one I am pretty sad about actually. This is the goal I've been super stoked about all year. The Seattle to Portland bike ride is 210 miles over 2 days. Intense! And seeing that I love bike riding, I was super excited about this. Training for this would have also helped with my 10 extra pounds issue too. The problem here is that I went to go register and they had sold out 6 day before. I didn't think a 10,000+ person bike ride would sell out 3+ months before the event, but I guess lots of other people like this event to. So, this goal gets moved to next year, and we are going to Yellowstone with Caleb and Karine instead since I hadn't booked that weekend like all the others. Goal not attained, but out of my power. Next year I will have to sign up sooner.

Do personal projects. Specifically one that I have had roaming around in my head for the past 4 years.... No personal projects as of yet this year. Goal not attained, but I have 6 months and plan on changing that.

Be in more photos. Nope. I am still the picture taker in my group of friends and family. But there are lots more self portraits of me with goofy faces.... so ... goal kinda attained :)

Finish my degree. This one is ridiculous. I need to light a fire under my ass. I graduated from the Commercial Photography Program at SCCC in 2005. I finished the program and all, but still need 7 elective credits (!!!!?!?!!?!?!) to actually get my fancy little paper that says I am a "college graduate" and I haven't done it. Like I said, I work too much and haven't found the time. But seeing that if I don't do it soon, my credits from before will expire and I will not get my fancy little piece of paper, I need to do this. I plan on taking a small biz mgmt class at the community college for fall or winter quarter. Goal not yet achieved... but it will be :)

So internet readers... 6 months left of the year, and I haven't reached my goals of this year. Yet.

But...I. Will. Succeed.

And I hope by putting this out for all to see, it will help me with that little fire under my derriere and keep me going. Keep me from slacking, and actually do it.

Wish me luck :)

And a recent photo of me on a recent bike ride to prove I am in more pictures... even if they aren't any good :)