While on Facebook today (see... it is good for something other than chatting ... :P ) I ran across an article about what wedding photographers spend there time on in their business I was turned on to this great site this morning from  friend and fellow wedding photographer Kate McElwee about the myth of how us wedding photographers spend our time. It is a great representation of actual time spent in my business... and sadly the amount of time taking photographs is that low. Check it out if you are interested .

The Secret Life of Wedding Phtoographers

After stumbling onto this site, I have fallen in love (and now I need to look into joining!) The great info that they give on the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers site is great if you are looking for a great photographer but don't know where to start (I can hint.. you can start here at www.rebeccaellison.com shameless plug :P)

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Good hunting!

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