Seattle is saturated. There I said it! Seattle has soooo many vendors, so many it's ridiculous.  But what that means for you, if you are getting married in Seattle, you will have your pick of some amazing people doing some amazing things. To help you with your hunting, I have done a recent post of some (a small selection) of my favorite venues, planners, and photographers.... well, photographers I only put me cuz I like me a lot :P You can see that post here.

Today I am going to add to that post by mentioning some of my favorite caterers, invitation specialists, and florists!


The girls at Ravishing Radish make an amazing team! They are located out of The Yacht Club off of Lake Union, but they will caterer your event anywhere. The service is sublime and the food is to die for. If you are looking for steller food and an amazing client experience, these are the gals I would recommend going to!

Sadly... I don't know enough about any other caterers to vouch for them, as I don't see that part of the party (hehe) much, but if you have a recomendation of caterers that you love, please leave a comment!


The detail that is put into invitations is crazy! Invites are a really popular DIY thing in the past years. I did my invites myself, and if I would have had any inkling of the amount of time I would spend cutting, gluing and stamping, I would have ran to one of these girls asap! Not to say that DIY isn't great for many things, but keep in mind, that if you DIY invites... block out a weekend. Yes a whole weekend because it will take you that long!


If you are not that adventurist though, these are some great invitation specialists in town:

All About Weddings which has recently moved locations in Southcenter is a great overall wedding store, but they do a healthy amount of invitations there. They have books and books and books and books and books and books (not kidding!) of different wedding invitations that you can search through. These are mostly traditional wedding invitations here. Ask for Amber or Gayle and they will take care of you!

Ephemera Custom Letterpress is a one woman show named Tara. Tara is a super sweet gal who is all about making a custom letterpress invitation that fits your desires perfectly. Using letterpress and calligraphy, it's all done by hand and with care. If you are interested in what goes into letterpress, Tara wrote a cool post with some awesome photos about the process.



Chirstopher Smith at Christopher Flowers is a great guy and makes some amazing floral arrangements. All you have to do is check out his site to see the amazing work he does. I have heard nothing but great things about Christopher from other wedding vendors and brides alike!

Wendy over at Ravenna Bloom has years of experience and is well known in the industry for making beautiful arrangements for her brides.

The vendors I am mentioning are a few great people in a city full of great vendors who are here wanting to make sure your event is as beautiful and amazing as you dream it to be. There are plenty of radtastic (p.s. I love making up new words... my friends call it Becca-nese) vendors out there that I haven't mentioned, but here are a couple to wet your feet with and start your search!