Spring engagement portraits at UW are always my favorite. The sun is out, cherry trees are in bloom and love is in the air. Issac and Jessica drove down from Bellingham to meet up for their Seattle engagement photography session, and it couldn't have been a prettier day for it. One downfall of a beautiful sunny warm Sunday evening when the cherry blossoms are out at UW, is that the entire city decides to go to see the beauty as well. So, we decided not to spend much time in the Quad which was practically shoulder to shoulder people, but we roamed around the rest of UW's beautiful campus and found nooks and crannies that were a bit more private to photograph in.

Jessica and Issac are some of the most laid back couples. Truly comfortable with each other, and while they said they were not comfortable in front of the camera, you would never be able to tell. Her face lit up when he snuggled close, and he loved to laugh and enjoy the embrace of the women he loves. You really can't get more perfect than that!

Enjoy their spring engagement portraits at UW and I can't wait for their wedding in October!spring-engagement-portraits-at-UW-008bw engagement portrait at UW spring-engagement-portraits-at-UW-002spring-engagement-portraits-at-UW-003spring-engagement-portraits-at-UW-004spring-engagement-portraits-at-UW-005spring-engagement-portraits-at-UW-006spring-engagement-portraits-at-UW-007

View a slideshow of their entire spring engagement portraits at UW below.