So, now that things have finally slowed down for me, I've finally been able to sort through some of the photos that I shot while working as a second photographer for other great photographers here in town. I've been meaning to get to this for quite some time and I am excited that I finally get to get these images out there.

For this wedding, I was shooting for John Crozier Photography. John and I knew each other because I had the luxioury of shooting his wedding to beautiful Tash in 2007. Anyway, John and I spent 12 hours with this wonderful couple. They were super excited about getting a lot of photos, so we went around to quite a few different locations in downtown Seattle before heading over to Shilshole Bay Beach Club in Ballard.

It was a great wedding, and these are a selection of my favorites from the day!080718_jcw

Stay tuned as I got through all the other weddings that I shot as a second photographer!