I went with Eric Albright and John Webber last week to Westport, Washington. The hopes were that there would be some great waves and I could get some fun pictures of them riding said waves. It was pouring when we left Seattle, and we were all keeping our fingers crossed that the rain would stop because, even though it doesn't matter to the boys who will surf in anything, I wasn't willing to bring my gear out for a bath. I was hoping a 3 hour drive wouldn't end up with me sitting in the car for a couple of hours while the boys surfed. Well, the surfing gods heard my prayers and I kid not, it stopped raining about 5 miles from the beach!! The waves weren't crazy high, but the boys jumped right in and were off. I walked down this rock jetty to get a better vantage point of them and hung out. It wasn't the most spectacular day for photos of waves, but it was perfect to just hang out and take in the beautiful ocean and random sunbursts. I got a couple of shots of Eric and John riding, but got some fun shots of the landscape and the sunset. Mostly it was just nice to go out and do something fun and different than sitting on my computer. I am super psyched to go out with them again though. Hopefully next time the waves will be bigger and I will be closer to them! This won't be the last blog you see on surfing...

what every surfer needs after spending 3 hours in 40 degree water!

silly Eric didn't bring any shoes and with wind, the temperature after they were done surfing was probably around 30 degrees. It took him half and hour to get feeling back in his toes!

The funniest thing is that it started to rain again about 5 minutes after we got back in the car to head home. Talk about luck :)