As you probably saw from yesterday's post, I recently teamed up with to give a holiday portrait session giveaway to two of their readers. Yesterday's post was of the grand prize, Timerie's session, and today is the second prize winner Jamie and her family's session!Jamie, Cliff (the hubby), Courtney and Rylee (the kiddos) came all the way over from Bremerton to walk around Pike Place Market and the waterfront with me. It was fun especially because the kids hadn't ever been to the market before... and they had never heard of the gum wall before either! Talk about a great way to get a kids attention! Tell them their is a wall covered in gross old gum, give them their own piece (of brand new unchewed gum... otherwise that would be super gross) and let them add to the "mural."

We ventured through the weekend crowds and stopped for hot chocolate at Starbucks and ended at the merry go round on the waterfront. It was a super fun time for me and for the Gooby gang...especially since their last photography experience involved JC Pennys! I think this experience was a bit different :)


This is the look when a 10 year old sees the gum wall for the first time...re_091122_0094-copyre_091122_0110re_091122_0164

I am betting in about 5 years Courtney is going to be using this picture to prove that she could once beat her brother in an arm wrestling contest...re_091122_0262re_091122_0273re_091122_0284


What happens when you give a 10 year old a cup full of warm sugar?


lots of running around... that's what you get :)re_091122_0305




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