I love the Lamb family. They are like my own family after all this time. To give a bit of history, I met the Lambs 8 years ago. My husband Pete had been a normal staple in the Lamb house growing up as he was good friends with the twins, Thomas and Berkley. Thomas and Berkley are not identical... but they looked like it when they were growing up...so it was just easier for people to call them the twins then figure out which was which I guess :) Anyway... about 8 years ago, Pete was living at the Lambs house and they graciously let me come take over their house also. I think Ros and Linda were used to that at that point seeing that they had 6 kids total. The Lambs became family and have been there through my relationship and marriage to Pete, so I was super stoked when Thomas called up and asked if I could shoot their whole family. It had been years since everyone was back together, as Thomas and Berk decided to wander over to Wisconsin to live. We are devising a way to get them back... and Berk's awesome new fiance is coming too... they just don't know it yet :)

Well, a family photo with this crowd is no small thing... when dealing with 18 people. But fun none the less! This family loves eachother so much that all they do is laugh together which is contagious... not to mention the AMAZING food that Linda puts together (my mouth is still watering from that corn and ribs....num num num)


And congrats to Berkley and his rockstar fiance Jodi. I can't wait for your guys' wedding :P