The idea works like this. You write a letter to each other before your wedding ceremony and set aside some time for your love letter exchange.

You share your love and excitement where it's just for their eyes, and you coordinate with me to make sure that when you give the letter to each other, I can see you both, but you can not see each other. We get the visual story but you don't have to see each other until you are ready.

This is a fun tradition that I've only seen a handful of times, but each time has been magical. Most times it occurs when the couple doesn't want to see each other before the ceremony, but it's also fun to do as the prequel to your first site.

Below are a couple of fun collages of moments captured for a love letter exchange. The first is the prequel to their first site, and the bottom two stories are from weddings where they chose to not see each other until they walked down the aisle. We made sure they were placed in a spot that was visible to me and the camera, but they were not visible to each other.

Have you been thinking of doing a love letter exchange on your wedding day? I think it's a beautiful moment to set aside, and you can see that below!