Take note of some of these tips and tricks for smooth sailing on your wedding day!

Tip 1: Buffer time You have thought out and scheduled every part of the day, but have you put in the buffer time that will take the stress down on the day? If your ceremony and reception are at different locations and on a good day where where the traffic gods are on your side, it takes 15 minutes to go from location A to location B, give yourself 25 minutes at least.

Why? Because when are the traffic gods ever on our side when we have some place to be right?

Also, make the run from location A to location B on the same day of the week at the same time of the day as your wedding and ACTUALLY time yourself... no guess-timations as you’ll be surprised that what you think takes 5 minutes really takes 12 and when your day is scheduled as tightly as your wedding, that 7 minutes adds up!

Tip 2: Cleanliness in getting ready room It always happens, you see a super cute bridal room that will be super cute for photos, and then the bridal party arrives and EXPLODES all over the room. All of a sudden the super cute bridal room looks like it is a 14 year old girls bedroom. Stuff EVERYWHERE!

Minimize the explosion to a portion of the room so that when the pictures are taken, it’s clean and beautiful in the images instead of looking like a mini tornado went off...

Trust me, your photographer and your wedding album will be thankful for this little insight!

Tip 3: The bride should be last to get hair and makeup done. I know this seems backwards but trust me it works better. The bride is the most important to get ready so your hair and makeup team will be a bit timelier on doing the bridesmaids hair and makeup done because the bride isn’t done yet. That way your girls will be done and ready to get into their dresses while you are finishing up your do. Then when they help you into your dress, they look great as well instead of in their less than fabulous track suit. Trust me, a maid of honor in their funky track suit helping you into your beautiful dress doesn’t look nearly as good in photos as a beautifully done and dressed MOH does.

That being said, still schedule it so that your hair and makeup is DONE an hour before your set to start pictures. That way, even if they run late, you have a little BUFFER TIME (remember tip 1? It works through out the day!) and you won’t sacrifice photo time.

Tip 4: Delegate and trust your team You should not be moving tables around getting the reception room ready because no one but you knows exactly how the set up is supposed to look. Hire a planner or at least have a friend who is NOT in the wedding party or your parents know what you want ideally and let them run the show. You planned the day, let someone you trust help with the details of execution and you just relax and get married!

Tip 5: Have different shoes for your reception We all know how adorable your shoes are, but after 30 minutes in them your dogs are barking right? Can you imagine after 4-5 hours? Wear the cute (but uncomfortable) shoes for your ceremony and pictures and switch to comfier shoes for the reception. Something that lets you dance preferably because no one will notice your shoes under your floor length dress at that point! This goes for the guys too. The penguin shoes SUCK after about 10 minutes from what every guy I have ever talked to has said. Let them change into some nice black tennis shoes at the reception. There will be a lot more dancing if everyone is more comfortable!

Tip 6: Hide your card box after the wedding has started It’s sad to say, but some people suck. They think it’s clever to crash a wedding and make off with the box of wedding cards from the gift table. You know the box I’m talking about right? The box of cards that are usually filled with CASH and GIFT CERTIFICATES from your guests, and super easy to walk away none the wiser. Sucky people who do this can be in and out in minutes and make away with a killing. Nothing would suck more than having the money you were looking forward to splurging with on your honeymoon walk away while you are dancing the night away. Delegate (remember tip 4?) a friend (or your planner) to set the box of cards into a safe place once the wedding has begun. Then you’ll have all your moola for those tasty drinks while sitting on a beach in Mexico!

Have any tips I've missed? Email me, I'd LOVE to hear them!

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