This weekend I ventured over to Vashon Island just Southwest of Seattle for Barrett and Tom's wedding. Vashon is the cutest little town. When my assistant and I were driving to the venue, we passed this major "event" on the island which was the largest yard sale I think I have ever seen! I swear, there are some things that will only happen on an island. I could have sworn half the island was there; I was just sad that I didn't have time to stop and look around!

Anyway...I was super happy waking up on Saturday to be met with beautiful blue skies out my window, which look much better than the scary thunder, lightning and RAIN storms that had been off and on all week long. In any other part of the country, one could assume that a late August wedding is safe to have outdoors, but here in the beautiful Pacific NW... one can never know!

I met Tom and Barrett at Pt. Robinson Light House for their first site and pictures. I had orchestrated with the Vashon Parks departmet (who were super helpful) to have Captian Joe there to let Barrett's dad's mid 70's Cherry Red bathtub Porsche (for those who aren't German car literate a bathtub Porsche looks like an upside down old fashioned bathtub... look here.) It was so fun to have the rustic feel of the lighthouse with such a classic car! We did most photos there and then drove over to the Tramp Harbor Dock for the rest of the bridal pics. Vashon is such a cute island! There were endless places we could have found to take photos. I am inspired to take an old Rollieflex and bum around that town for a day.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from their beautiful day. Thank you to Barrett and Tom for choosing me to spend it with you! I had a blast.

Tom and Barrett got to spend a couple minutes alone at the top of the lighthouse... but then the door locked on them! Luckily there was enough of us around to run up and let them back out... they did have somewhere to be after all :P

This shot reminds me of lovers lane in the 70s... ( and the blurred out license plate is just for the web)

The food was done by Shefidgets Catering on Vashon. The food was so beautiful that I had to get some shots of is through the venue Sound Food (where the wedding was).

The cookies were their party favors. Supe cute!

The groomsmen's gifts were a bottle of Jameson and a harmonica! It was very clever. And there was a groomsman who didn't want to get to far from is bottle of Jameson!

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