The wedding industry here in Seattle is pretty stellar. There are tons of super creative, super open, super awesome people in this industry that are here just to make sure that the thousands of brides and grooms that get married in the Pacific NW every year, have amazing products and services to adorn their day with.

Well, one Tuesday a month, there is a fun little networking event called Tuesday Toast for anyone in the wedding industry. We get together for happy hour and learn a bit more about each other and our businesses... and sometimes play dress up.

This was my first Tuesday Toast and it was a blast. The awesome miss Laurel McConnell is one of the gals who puts it together and she asked if anyone would come and bring their camera. Sounded like fun so I did. And Laurel brought some fun props.

So, Tuesday Toast with some awesome wedding peeps at the Spitfire downtown Seattle!

Oh, and no, this picture was not staged... half the table was tweeting at that moment. Gotta love twitter....

Thanks for all for coming out. It was great meeting all that I had not met yet!

On a photo geek note, I used Silver Efex Pro to process these images as black and white as I love the film grain effect that it does... loooove it!!