So I have this thing for Volkswagens. They are beautiful....especially the older they are. I am still driving around a 1985 GTI and I refuse to get something newer. It drives like a dream and unlike any new car you can get now a days.... it gets 30mpg (haha :))So when you have a thing for VWs, other people with the same facination usually find you . I guess it helps that my husband is a German specialty technician, so we are deeply entrenched in the car world, but nevertheless, I love seeing a pretty car, and since I love taking pictures of pretty things, I take a lot of VW pics.My friend Sarah invited me out to take some pics at this cool location underneath the West Seattle Bridge  with some other people who like having pretty pics of their cars too. So I came enthusastically to take some fun pics and have an interesting day.Here are a couple that I likedre_080315_6444.jpgre_080315_6477.jpgre_080315_6512.jpg re_080315_6517.jpg re_080315_6500.jpg p.s. I know that these aren't all VWs, but thats ok... they are in the German family :P