wedding day timeline with free download
wedding day timeline with free download

Your wedding day will be scheduled within the minute for most of the day.

This is important, because with as many events, traditions and people that are in a wedding, it's important that everyone know what the plan is for every moment of the day, and if it isn't scheduled thoroughly then people won't be where they are supposed to be, vendors might not know what you want/need, and the stress of the day will increase exponentially.

Just think, your fiance,  bridesmaids, groomsmen, families, guests and vendors will all need and want to know what the game plan is so that you can enjoy your day, and that is where the wedding day timeline is essential.

Most times, unless you have a planner, though, I (the photogrpaher) am the first person who walks you through what you wedding day timeline will look like.

While a planner will be orchestrating the entire day, I focus on what where and when the photography aspects of the day will happen and the timeline of those events. How much time we have for photos, where we'll shoot, who needs to be where when, etc.

Many times I hear "oh, I hadn't thought about that" when we are putting together your wedding day timeline, and that is one of the biggest benefits of the timeline. Every part of the day has been thought out and planned so people know and you can relax and enjoy your day.

Many people also don't realize how many hours you will want a photographer with you. Especially if you are planning on having an album created, it's important I'm with you for the big moments of the day. From getting into your dress, to the dance floor. So, I created (a while back) an infographic showing you how much time is typical to have a photographer for at a wedding and just where that time goes. (shown below.)

At the bottom of this article, I've  included a free wedding day timeline template if you share your email address (enter it at bottom of post or on the left sidebar) with a step by step explanation of what your day will likely look like when you choose to do your photos before the ceremony. Go get it now, and have 3/4 of the work done for you!

It also includes a template for you to work out your own wedding day timeline and get started on planning your own event. What are you waiting for?!

Wedding Day Timeline

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