These fabulous people wed at Korean Emanuel Presbyterian Church and enjoyed their reception at Edmonds Yacht Club .

John and Eunice are bright, warm souls. We didn't have a chance to get to know each other as well as I usually get with my clients because they live down in Pasadena, CA. Eunice is still in school, and John is a young lawyer in a California law firm.  Their lives are so busy that they didn't have a chance to make it up here until the days before their wedding, but I met with Eunice to go over the final details of the day just a couple days ahead of the wedding and I was instantly struck by how kind and thoughtful she is.

Family and church are very important to her and John. So important that they packed the Korean Emanuel Presbyterian Church in Lynnwood to standing room only. You see, John and Eunice are special. They have been together for seven years, six of them long distance and only one in the same state. Through those seven years, they relied on their communication and respect to keep their love strong, as they had made a commitment when they first got together to themselves and to God that they would not kiss until they were a married couple.

Yep... that is not a typo. Seven years and the first time they kissed was in front of 285 of their favorite people, and standing directly in front of Eunice's father who is a minister who resided over the ceremony. That takes commitment. Not only to go seven years without that type of embrace, but to break their "fast" in front of so many... and directly in front of her dad! But to show how amazing her family is, after they locked lips for the first time ever, her dad declared that it was not long enough of a kiss after such a long wait and had them kiss again while counting to five. It was awesome!

When Eunice had told me at our meeting that the first kiss was super important to capture, I agreed all the more so once I realized that it was the FIRST kiss. Then she told me that the ceremony was going to be in Korean and they might have a translator but they weren't sure yet. Talk about a challenge! I use verbal cues to know when the super important parts of the ceremony happen. Like right before the rings the officiant asks for the rings. And right before they kiss, the officiant will usually announce them as Mr and Mrs. So and So. Well, seeing that I don't speak a lick of Korean, I didn't have the cue I usually run with, so I was on my toes!!! But that's all right... I like a good challenge :0)

As you look through these photos, keep it in mind, that these are their first handful of kisses caught on film!

After the ceremony, we made some time down the street from the Edmonds Yacht Club where their guests waited for them to take some portrait as a newly married couple. The excitement was nearly palpable, and their love showed with every touch, every thought.... and of course, every kiss.

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