undefinedRec and Lisa are old friends of mine, and by old I mean Rec might as well be a brother. We grew up together in Tucson running amok with 6 other kids. I was the youngest so usually the one trailing the pack trying to keep up with all the other kids who were so much more "elder" than me... Or at least that is what they would try to convince me of. I was always sure that you had to be more than a couple years older to be an elder, but apparently not to them :) When my family relocated to Seattle in high school we all stayed in touch, especially when many of the kids ended up moving back up to Seattle as well, but mostly we followed different paths, getting back together at family occasions and randomly bumping into each other in Seattle. In that time, Rec was working in a bar in Fremont, and one random night a friend invited him to get onto a party bus for this friends friends 21st birthday. He was reluctant to be crashing some random girls birthday party, but in retrospect he was happy he did. Why? Because that 21st birthday was for Lisa. They hit it off immediately and have been stuck at the hip ever since, including relocating their entire lives down to Maui some five years ago.

Rec and Lisa got engaged over two years ago, told all the people they loved that in two years time they would be walking down the aisle to commit themselves to eachother, and they were giving us all 2 years notice. So we better all be there. It worked! When they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was stoked to say yes. Not only to help sustain the memories of such an amazing day of two friends, but because they are just so perfect for each other and I knew the day would be like no other.  And did I mention they were married in Maui? Can't say they had to twist my arm at all... even with a three month old in tow.

They were married at the Nona Lani Cottages in Kihei on July 6th surrounded by 80 of their favorite people, and it was amazing. Much of their day was DIY (do it yourself), but you would have never guessed. The bouquets were beautiful and put together by Lisa and friends the night before the wedding. The food was bought en mass from Costco and cooked by the best man and groomsman after the ceremony. And it was some of the best wedding food I've ever had. To be fair, the best man and groomsman are amazing cooks and have been cooking for years, so they knew what they were doing! And the whole wedding fiesta was prepped and readied by 30 of the long time friends and guests who were staying at the cottages the day before the ceremony. The entire place was all wedding guests, mostly from Tucson and Seattle for almost a whole week. It was amazing!

On top of planning this amazing affair, Rec and Lisa have a beautiful 3 month old daughter Soleil. (She's just three days younger than my little Linc and it was awesome getting them together!) It was amazing watching the love and joy Rec and Lisa had for each other through the whole week but also the amazing love pouring out of both of them whenever their daughter ... who was a bridesmaid!... was within site.

Thank you for sharing such an amazing day of your lives with me Rec and Lisa! I love you guys :)

If you were guests of Rec and Lisa's wedding and would like to know when the entire wedding gallery goes up, click here. The password is Lisa's maiden name.


This was the practice in the morning of the wedding for the flash mob at the reception... yep. Flash mob. Rec's parents Doug and Ariel orchestrated that little fun! It was definitely the first flash mob I have seen at a wedding! I hope someone got it on video!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Linc and Soliel! She in her beautiful bridesmaid dress and Linc in his tie *swoon*undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Lisa's grandma is such a character.  Here showing her approval of Rec.undefined


Can you believe this beautiful food was made by Brotherhood and All, Rec's groomsmen? Amazing!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Get ready for the flash mob. Rec and Lisa didn't quite know what was going on till everyone was singing and dancing.undefinedundefinedundefined

Rec is quite the wordsmith himself and they gave him the mic for an impromptu rap about the day which rocked. I still don't know how he can speak so fast... I have issues talking at normal speed half the time!undefinedundefined

Below is Smooth and Emily rockin it on the dance floor in probably my favorite dance photo of ALL TIME doing a total white man's dance :) undefinedundefinedundefined


And just think... there is a super fun trash the dress the session of these two coming soon!

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  | The Details |

The Photographer| Rebecca Ellison Photography

The Venue | Nona Lani Cottages

The Florist | Maui Floral

The Leis | Paradise Flower Farms

The Cupcakes | Shannon & Mark Pyle from Pyle 'O Cupcakes

The Dress | Camille La Vie

The Seamstress | Vanessa from Silverstitch

The Shoes | Tommy Bahama's

The Hair | Shine Salon

The Nails | Pedi Care Center

The Officiant | William (Bill) Parecki

The Rehearsal Dinner | Waikapu on 30

The Wine | Patrick Conley from Southern Wine & Spirits

The Beer | Erin Baldwin from Anheuser Busch Maui

The Rental Equipment | Island Rents Maui

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