As you all know, I am not a wedding planner (or at least I hope all you all know this otherwise you haven’t been paying very close attention :) ).

Hiring a Wedding planner could be one of the most important parts of relieving stress for your wedding

Some people are just uber organized, big picture minded while still detail oriented enough to put together a massive event like a wedding.

These people are great wedding planners, and sometimes the bride is that way too and can plan the entire wedding without a hitch.

Most brides are not innately good planners Not only are they not innately like that, they have never planned a party before let alone a wedding. They don’t know anything about the field let alone know what to do and what to avoid.

This is where a planner comes in. They are experts in the field and will know what is a good deal, and what to pass on. They will know from the experience of the hundreds of weddings they have been to what works and what doesn’t for a wedding.

It’s amazing what an experienced planner can do to a bride’s stress level just by being an expert ear and being full of ideas of what you can do, and what you should avoid.

You can get a wedding planner to help you with:

  • the entire wedding from your first fleeting idea to the big day
  • a month of planner to help you bring together all the final details you’ve put together and make sure that the day goes smoothly
  • or a day of planner as someone to take the reigns the day of and let you sit back and actually *gasp* enjoy your wedding!

From a vendor’s point of view, planners are amazing.

Even if your planner is a month of or day of gal (or dude), it’s great to know someone has the reigns on the flow of the day. From contact with all the other vendors, to helping keep the bridal party and family on schedule for pictures and making sure you walk down the aisle at the designated time. Planners, like photographers have seen countless weddings and have seen the good the bad and the ugly and can make sure your wedding falls under the good portion of that saying.

If you plan and execute the wedding yourself, you might make major mistakes that you don’t understand that it is a mistake because you’ve never put together a wedding before; but a seasoned planner will know how to head that mistake off before it has a chance to form.

For example, you planner will make sure your vendors, your wedding party and your family have a detailed timeline of the day so everyone know what to do when and where they need to be through out the day. Don’t think a timeline is essential? Think again! I had a wedding recently where the family didn’t know when family photos were going to be and the sister of the groom was still in the shower when she should have been getting her photo taken. She wasn’t at fault and neither was the couple, they just didn’t realize the importance of making sure everyone knew what was going on by making sure everyone saw the timeline. You can still have a relaxed beautiful laid back affair with a timeline.

You don’t have to be a nazi about the timeline, but when 25 people have specific things they need to do and places they need to be, it’s is the only way to keep everyone on the same page.

Your planner will make sure everyone is on that page instead of you having to get interrupted from your mimosa toasts with your bridesmaids to be asked by vendors or family what is happening next.

This day is a day for you to enjoy and celebrate the partner on your arm, not a day you want to answer 5000 questions about how you want something to go.

And that is just one of the examples that makes hiring a planner a must do.

You don’t have to be the bride in the white dress pushing tables around your reception area because you are the only one who knows exactly what it should look like. You should be able to walk into your reception area and marvel at how beautiful it looks all put together while you were hanging out with your ladies or getting your picture taken down by the water.

The planner takes the stress off your shoulders and lets you party while they run the show behind the scenes.

So, if the idea of putting together any part of your wedding stresses you out, get a planner from the get go.

If you like putting all the details together, but would like the expert advice and organization skills for that last 30 days so that you aren’t a ball of stress leading up to your wedding, get a month of planner.

If you want to do it all, but want to be able to hand off the reigns for the big day, so you can relax, play and party hard on your wedding day,hire a day of planner (which in reality is more like a week of planner so that they have enough time to really figure out what it is you envision and can make that happen). They will run the behind the scenes and make sure your wedding is flawless... and if their are any snafus, you won’t know about them until after the wedding because your planner has your back.

Trust me, your family, your guests, your vendors and your stress level will thank you for it!

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