Di and Brian are one of those couples that you can't get enough of. The amount of laughter and just happy moments they have is amazing. Brian always thought he would be a bachelor for life, but then he met Di.  They met one night in Vegas. A night Di wasn't even supposed to be there, but because of a cancelled flight she was in town one more night and her friend knew of other Seattle friends that were in town for a bachelor party. So, a missed flight, a crashed bacholor weekend and laughter brought these two together. I always find it amusing when fate brings two people together in the most random places when regular life should have brought them together before anyway. With these two its because they are both cops... in Bellevue... and it took Vegas to bring them together! Amazing!

Well, some years after meeting in Vegas, traveling all over with each other,  living two doors down from each other with a good friend in the apartment between (good ol fashion FRIENDs style!) and many many nights doing crosswords together, they brought their loved ones from near and far together to connect their lives for ever. It was a beautiful ceremony with a planned take out a hanky and dry their faces because it was so hot outside (which made the ceremony just that much more them! ) and a great party on a hot Seattle summer day.

Congrats you guys! Your wedding was amazing!

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  | The Details |

The Photographer| Rebecca Ellison Photography

The Venue | Di's Grandparents's Home

The Florist | Countryside Floral

The Caterer | Essence of the Thymes

The Cake | Creme De La Creme

The Dress | Bride's Outlet

The Hair and Makeup | Salon Maison

The Tux | Men's Wearhouse

The DJ | Sounds Unlimited

The Officiant | Mike Johnson

The Rings | Fabri Jeweler (hers) & Fred Meyer Jeweler (his)

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