Choosing your theme is a great place to start for your wedding.

With wedding planning, there are so many details to plan that range from tiny to hugenormous (yep... that’s huge and enormous all mashed together because I like it) and it’s easy to be flying all over the map. Especially with all the amazing inspiration blogs there are out there no a days, it can get a bit crazy. Choosing a theme that helps keep you centered and the look and feel of your wedding, and doing it early on will help you sort through all the amazing ideas you see and like and keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Say you are trying to figure out a cute and unique guest book. The traditional ideas don’t really interest you and you want something memorable. Say you see two ideas you fall in love with, one is a message in a bottle style where people write notes on little pieces of parchment and then roll them up and put them in a bottle.

Option two is a using a vintage typewriter and a super long piece of paper. Everyone types their note of love and congratulations on the typewriter and you end up with a scroll for your guest book. Both super cute ideas and might be hard to choose.

If you have a theme for your wedding though and it's on the water, your colors are blue and white and you love sailboats, that message in a bottle works a lot more than the typewriter idea!

alderbrook resort, nautical themed wedding

Theme’s don’t have to be uber specific but even having a loose theme to go by really helps streamline the decisions you will make and will bring your wedding together so much easier.

A theme can be anything, it doesn’t have to be super specific to work. Try country, vintage, nautical, garden, whimsical, etc.

For example a country theme could look something like this: All the bridesmaids wear cowboy boots The wedding favor is a small bottle of the bride and grooms fave steak rub All the groomsmen have super awesome belt buckles The favors and gifts are placed on bales of hay on top of an old Ford truck The centerpieces are flowers put into old vintage mason jars The cake isn’t a cake but an array of desserts from friends and family... and consists of cobblers and crisps You can see a super cute country themed wedding I photographed earlier this year here

The theme doesn’t have to overtake the wedding, it just gives you a nice direction to keep things in line with!

Oh, and if you are one of those brides that would just L-O-V-E to get your beautiful little wedding featured in a magazine or on a blog, a theme is the way to go. Editors love seeing consistency and thought put into all the details of a wedding.

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