Late last month Pete and I packed up my camera gear and grabbed Linc and hopped on plane for another destination wedding adventure. I've been blessed this year with fabulous people in my life getting married here and afar and wanting me to photograph their wedding. First in July Rec and Lisa were married in Maui (you can see their beautiful Maui wedding here) and in October Marie, who happens to be Rec's sister was getting married in Tucson. I grew up with this crew of amazing people, usually trailing the older kids, of which Marie was one,  on a piece of property in NW Tucson that is quite the oasis. Marie's parents still live there, and that is where Marie and Ben were wed.

First off you have to understand the unbelievable beauty of this place I once called home. There was a guy back in the 50s or 60s who moved to Tucson because of asthma. He was told to move to a drier climate and he decided to plant Eucalyptus trees throughout his property to ease his breathing. It substantially lengthened his life and made an oasis of green and grass and beauty in the middle of the Sonoran desert. In a land covered in Saguaros and rattlesnakes, Marie and Ben were married in a green leafy land full of Eucalyptus trees.

Marie and Ben decided from the start that they had no interest in having a traditional wedding. They cared about the commitment to eachother and bringing together the people they love to have a rockin party. And a rockin party it was! They spiced the day with changes that suited their personalities as individuals and as a couple. Ben played music while Marie walked down the aisle with her father and step father. After kissing both dad's she joined Ben at the alter, picked up her own guitar and together they brought the song to a close. They spoke their minds during their vows bringing tears to the eyes of most in the audience while they stood under an arch between two 60+ foot tall Eucalyptus trees.

They forwent their first dances and other traditional wedding events for a mariachi band playing through dinner, Tequila shot toasts, and a pinata instead of a bouquet and garter. The night was spiced with friends new and old from all over the map and a sense of community and family that settles deeply into your bones.

Thank you Ben and Marie for inviting me in to your day to capture such a beautiful moment in the story that is your lives together! xoxo