Its been a while since I have had time to blog! Been a bit busy and I've been wanting to post something new for a while.... So here we are! I'm shooting Annie and Casey's wedding in July of this year and we knew that we were running out of time to shoot their engagement pics. We all were hoping for a sunny day so that we could get some fun sunset pictures, but alas, since we live in the Seattle area, it didn't look likely to happen. After rescheduling twice we decided to just go out and have fun in the weather that we had... which if anyone knows Seattle.... it was rainy :)  We went to the Olympic Sculpture Park in by the Seattle waterfront and played with what we had.It ended up being really fun.  Here are some of my faves

There were a bunch of red chairs on a patio that I wanted to incorporate in some of the pictures too.

more red chairs!