Light is what matters most when it comes to stellar images.

Whether your realize it or not in photographs that you find yourself drawn to, you are drawn to it because of amazing lighting and the emotion that is conveyed by the subjects. With out good light an image falls flat and lackluster, and without emotion, there is nothing for you to connect with in the image.

Advertisers make millions every year by working with the principles of light and emotion to get you to buy what they are selling, it works all the time.

Whether you love the dreamy look of the late afternoon light or the more dramatic moody light of a highly contrasty image, what will draw your eye to a remember-able image is that use of light!

I realize the difficulty that can impose when you are subject to the time restrictions of your wedding day, but it is still a good thing to pay attention to when planning, and plan around it IF POSSIBLE.

  • Early morning and late afternoon when the sun is low and the light turns warm and creamy is an amazing time to take your pictures!
  • Have a conversation with with your photographer about when would be the most ideal time to take your wedding photos.
  • Direct light at mid day is the most harsh time to be taking pictures, but in many a situation that is the only time you have in your wedding time line that works for photos.

Don't worry!

There are always ways around the sun if you have to be taking your photos during the harshest part of the day.

Your photographer should automatically look for great spots of open shade (which is where you are in shade but you look up and can see the sky) where the light is softer and beautiful again, or use the sun and supplement with a flash unit to fill in the hard shadows that the sun creates. An experienced photographer can make any situation work... that's what you are paying them for right? (And if you are contimplating having a friend photograph your wedding, read this post before you make your decision)

If you can't schedule your wedding photos around the optimum time of the day to be shooting (which is in the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset) , talk to your photographer about sneaking you away for some "sunset photos"during your reception.

You will only be gone for a handful of minutes at a time when your guests won't even notice your absence because they are all still eating or dancing it up on the dance floor.

Sunset and the half hour or so before is an amazing time to take photos and is another great reason to sneak away and cuddle with your new husband or wife!