You have enough unknowns on your wedding day, knowing what it is like to be photographed professionally should not be one of them.

Get comfortable in front of the camera during your engagement session where we can run around, laugh, canoodle (you two will be doing the canoodling, not me ) and have a good time.

Know just how it feels to be photographed, and how you look in the photos. 

You'll get a questionnaire that fills me in all about who you are and what you like to do together, and from your answers,  find a fun and unique place that is special to you.

Do you walk around Greenlake every weekend with your Starbucks in hand?  Did you propose on a dock at a park by your house? Are you total city people and want the rustic fun of Pioneer Square as the backdrop to your photo session?

Sounds fun doesn’t it?

All the things you see as regular life, I can find a gem to make your photos more than just photos, but memories of what your life was like at this time in your lives.