Lauren and Tim's wedding was the perfect intimate backyard wedding. They had originally planned for a bigger wedding, but ended up choosing to scrap the large affair and invite 14 people to an intimate ceremony and dinner in their backyard, with a house party later in the evening. It was planned in just 6 weeks and all the aspects of the day came together beautifully.

They chose not to see each other before the ceremony and the moment that they hold each others faces directly after their first kiss is one of my favorite photos. You can truly feel their happiness eminating from the photo. Their ceremony was about 10 minutes long, and the three of us went out to their front yard for about 10 minutes for portraits before joining their 14 guests for a plated dinner in the backyard.

Later on in the evening they invited their local friends and family for a house party to celebrate, and they danced on through the evening.  This wedding was beautiful in that it brought it back to the basics, and truly just about sharing theirlove and commitment in front of their favorite people.

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