Our wedding albums are handmade in the United States with extreme care and attention to detail to ensure it lasts for generations and stays beautiful as you enjoy it through the years.

All albums are custom designed in house to tell the story of your wedding day.
Each page sharing a chapter in your story  while it’s woven together to share the entire wedding day. 

Albums come square in format to give you a full 10x20 or 12x24 inches of visual remembrance of your wedding day.

Every image is retouched and designed with thought into your album, and all albums have a  guarantee against any defect in workmanship. 

 Flush mount wedding albums custom made and embossed with your name and wedding date

The Wedding Album Process

Yahoo! You've made it through! The wedding is over and now just a  day of awesome memories, so let's make sure those memories don't fade, and you get the album of your dreams right!

How does the album get designed? 

From the first moment of your wedding day, I am looking at how the day is playing out and planning in my head not only how to capture it all so you remember every moment, but also how it will work being told in a visual story  via your album.  So, while you get the 800+ images digitally, the wedding will be remembered most vividly from the 120-150 images in your album.

I design each album thinking of each spread as a chapter telling it's own part of the story, so it's common for spreads to have only 2 or 3 images on it, as we tell the story with the most impact and not the most images.

Each wedding is unique, and so each album is also unique. It's common to have 120-150 images in an album. 

I design all albums in a square format so that you can decide on size between 10x10 and 12x12 


Step 1 - Picking your Images

One of the biggest hurtles that arrises when starting your wedding album design is the actual picking of the images. The majority of wedding albums designed in our studio have 100-130 average images to tell the entire wedding day story. But narrowing down from the 900 or so images you have to just 130 can be daunting, that is why most clients have me choose the initial images, and then you make tweaks afterwards. But if you are a hands on type of bride, you can start from scratch. All albums designs include 2 rounds of edits included in the initial design so rest assured, whether you choose your images then want some changes or have us design, you'll have the ability to tweak and customize after you've seen the design!.

Your options of image choice are:

I predesign in a storytelling format

We go through the wedding day thinking about the story we are conveying through images. Already considering the album as we are shooting, so we  have a plan for your wedding album design from the first day. Most love having us layout the first version of the album and then make tweaks afterwards.

View a designed wedding album to get an idea of what your design could look like 

Choose your images

If you like to plan it all out, you can choose to start from scratch and choose the images you love to be in the album.

We sugest to choose your favorite images and we will pick 15% more images to fill in the story .

The best way for this to work is to use the heart icon in the gallery to choose your favorites vs sending a spread sheet (please don't send a spread sheet!!)

Are you ready!?

Great! So am I! Please submit this form with your preferences. Keep in mind, things can be changed if you change your mind down the road, this just gets us started!

*details of your  options are below!*

Name *
Wedding Date
Wedding Date
(if you are still deciding, please submit your top two)
If you choose for us to design the album, you will still get final approval and we go through 2 rounds of design edits included in the album cost. If you choose your own images, please use the heart feature in the gallery to make your choices. I will add an additional 10-15% of images to help make the story cohesive for your design.
If you are deciding to choose your own images, please make the selections in the gallery using your email address and the heart icon. Please share the total # of images you've chosen for your design (must match the # of hearted images in the gallery). If you are having me design the album from scratch, you can leave this field empty.

See all the albums upgrade options below!

Albums Start at $1000 and include:

10"x10" album

Custom design including 80 images

Linen cover 

Pages printed with Luster paper


With all albums, you choose the cover, the size, thickness and type of paper.



Linen covered album with cameo and imprinting


Difference between normal and thick pages on your album




Imprinting Font and Location

Choose your preferred font and location of the imprinting. 
Also choose how you'd like your names and wedding date written out.

Cover  Fabrics

The albums come with a linen cover standard, and have the option to upgrade to a leather cover for $200.

Choose the name and type of cover you'd love for your album

linen album options.png
leather-album options.png

Here are your upgrade optoins :

12"x12" : $200

Additional Images: $20 each

Thick Pages: $200

Imprinting on Cover (2 lines): $40

Deep Matte Paper : $75

Square Cameo Cover Image: $50

How long does the process take? 

Here's the important question you are wondering. Just how quickly will this beautiful album be in your hands? 

The album process usually takes 2-3 months before your album is in your hands. It depends on a couple of factors, such as time of year ( during wedding season, albums take longer as the studio is very  busy with current weddings being photographed), how long you take to make your design choices, how long it takes for retouching and the physical creation of the album. When you start the process I give an estimated time frame specific to you! 

Ready to get started?

Scroll back up to the top of the page and make your choices in the form above. I'll get an email with your preferences and will get back to you with your design!