Do you want enjoy the whirlwind moments and remember them always?

You've been planning this day for what seems like forever now, and you keep hearing it goes by in a flash.

The day moves forward likes it's in warp speed while you spend time with all the people that make your heart happy making a commitment of until death do us part.

I am your personal memory keeper for a day that moves so quickly and you want to forget none of it. 

The people all in one room to celebrate you.

You should remember all these moments.

The hug, the tear, the laugh while you are 100% in that moment with your people. 

Those moments that when you look at the photo later will transport you back in time.

The moments that may be lost in the abundance of moments of the day, until you sit there, photo in hand and it all comes flooding back to you.

How I capture your day helps make sure that, while the day went in a blur, the memories never need to become blurry. They are there and clear to be remembered in every photograph.

Bringing back the feel of that hug again, feel that tear and hear that laugh. 

Only 2 available 2018 dates, and now booking for 2019! |:| Rebecca Ellison Photography

Feel the wind in your hair, his hand on your back and the feel of his kiss as if it just happened.

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