You want your wedding to be beautiful and something you’ll be proud to show in your home. 

But the idea of being the center of attention gives you a weird mix of excitement and anxiousness.

 To top it off,  you don’t know what to expect for the “portraits” part of the wedding day. Will you look good? Will you feel like you? Will you know what to do? There are a lot of things to wonder about, as, you've never done this before. It's all new, and there are so many decisions...

At the end of the day, you want to have a great time, put on a party where all the people you love are there and have the memory of the night live on forever. 

Your wedding is supposed to be an epic day. And epic in the way you want it, not necessarily the way the wedding industry tells you it should be epic. You do you, and you'll get beautiful memories from it.

 enjoy the whirlwind moments in life!

Enjoy the experience, just be you so when you look at the photos, you won't think about the photo, you'll think about the moment that photo is holding onto.

Once portraits are done, it’s all about you and your guests. Interacting with the people you love. You'll see photos later of moments you had no idea that were captured, or of moments you didn't know of until you saw the photo.

What I’m trying to say is, I am not just a wedding photographer there to snap photos, nor am I a diva photographer making the day all about my art...

I am a friend there to help you laugh, to give advice, to let you snuggle, to coral your family, to jump in the middle of the dance floor with you while also being able to blend into the background letting moments happen and love be shown.

If that resonates with you, then I think we should chat.

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Like what you see? I'm excited to hear about what epic means to you. just contact me to get it started!