you'll be so focused on each other you won't even think about being in front of the camera.

Not everyone jumps for joy thinking about being in front of a camera. I get it, I'm in that camp :)  Does the idea of being photographed bring sweat to your palms and make you a bit uncomfortable? I'll take care of you.  To me, it's about the experience. You enjoying your time and interacting with the people you love while I capture all the goodness. We'll do portraits, but not the "stand there and stare" portraits, the walk hand in hand while talking about something inappropriate that will make you laugh portraits.

Your wedding day is a day to focus on loving each other and being together while the happiness surrounding you is photographed. You won't even notice me half the time, and that is the point!

I am not just a wedding photographer there to snap some photos, I am a friend there to help you laugh, to give advice, to let you snuggle, to coral your family, to jump in the middle of the dance floor with you while also being able to blend into the background letting moments happen and love be shown.

If that resonates with you, then I think we should chat.

real memories of real couples


I find everyone's story unique and beautiful, and when  two people decide to merge their individual stories into one is one of the most impactful memories I could capture for a family.