Life is fast, and gets faster every year. With all of us committed to so many different things, life can pass us by, but there are times when you want to slow down, hold on and remember every moment. Starting a family, or adding a new sibling to your family is one of those times.

Times where you want to hit pause and soak up every moment.

These are moments of great happiness in your life, and times when the regular snapshot on your phone, destined to be lost in the masses of images on a hard drive just won’t suffice.

These are times where you deserve beautiful images of the life you’ve created, along with heirloom prints and albums to showcase your happiness of these times.

I am a Seattle portrait photographer and I will capture these precious moments for you in a way you will treasure as much the first time you see them to the one thousandth.

Not only will I capture the moment with you, but I will help you choose the perfect way to display your memories, and deliver a final product ready to hang or an album ready to be enjoyed.

These moments should be cherished and showcased in your home, not forgotten about on a disk in the back of your desk drawer. When you only get a disk of your images, the momentum passes, and your disc of images ends up waiting for the time that never comes to be printed, and those memories are lost instead of cherished.

From snuggling so close feeling that baby in your belly, to marveling at the tiny little hand wrapped around your finger and on to the rambunctious laughter of your kids doing laps in the living room.

As, these memories we capture and of you and your family will not only bring you happiness, but will bring your kids legacy and a sense of home and being loved every time they see their own growing selves in these images through the years.

Your goal when working with a professional photographer should not be to get a disc of all the photos which will never truly be enjoyed, but it should be creating beautiful moments and showcasing them as art in your home. Delivered ready to display, with no additional work from you.