Romana, Nate and their 3 year old Jacob are awaiting a little baby sister. And she should be coming any day now! I've known these guys for a couple years now. Nate and my brother were in the Navy together and so Nate and his family pretty much became part of our family. They are great people and are down for some fun photo ideas which I always love. I can't wait for their little girl to grace us with her presence (Romana's due date is November 12, and my birthday is November 11, so I am hoping for a little early... even though I know Romana would go for even earlier than that ! :) )

It's always fun for me to include the entire family in the baby bump photo shoot. Even though pregnancy happens all in the woman's body, I think it is important that the whole family knows how amazing pregnancy is and to show that everyone was there and supporting! So most bump shoots end up being partially family shoots to!



(thanks for letting me post these ones too Romana!)re_091018_7791re_091018_78131re_091018_7816re_091018_7825bre_091018_7851bre_091018_7890re_091018_7891re_091018_7935re_091018_7968re_091018_7975re_091018_7984re_091018_8004re_091018_8023re_091018_8053re_091018_8061

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