Last week I met back up with Romana and her family (you can see her maternity photos here!) to meet the newest addition to the family. Baby Maya Mae.  Maya looks just like her big brother did when he was born... it's funny how babies do that! Well, Maya was an excellent little subject, she let me place her anywhere and as long as she was on her belly, she was one happy little girl! Love when babies cooperate!

re_091113_8178I love the blue walls of Romana and Nate's bedroom! Such a great backdrop to such a cute little girl! The little lamb is a tradition in their family. Little Jacob got a blue one when he was born, and now little Maya has her pink one. Jacob was "taking care" of the lamb until little Maya needs it. Got to love the logic and negotiation skills of a three year old who wants that toy :)

re_091113_8164re_091113_8169re_091113_8166re_091113_8181re_091113_8207re_091113_8219I love the intimacy of this shot. Nothing like the love of a mother (above).

Or being in the arms of your father (below)

re_091113_8239re_091113_8246re_091113_8286re_091113_8301Here is Jacob negotiating about the lambs. See how he is "taking care" of both of them right now? So cute!

re_091113_8314re_091113_8328re_091113_8338re_091113_8348re_091113_8361 I love this shot of Nathan holding Maya... love it!

re_091113_8373re_091113_8397Jacob is a kid after my own heart. All you have to do is say poopoo and he starts giggling like you wouldn't believe!

re_091113_8424re_091113_8453re_091113_8478re_091113_8484What is it about little kid cloths that are so precious?

Thanks for being so amazing you guys! I can't wait to see how Maya grows up!