I am super excited to announce the launch of my new website and logo! I have been working for the past month and a half on a new branding identity. To go along with my improved identity and logo, is a new website. This site has more info about me and my business, some great updated photos and more products! I am now offering gift certificates and a referral program, so go check out the site and see whats new! lg logo

My logo has changed ever so slightly... I now have a tag line (fancy huh?)

Life, love and all the little things...

Because to me... photography is about life, love and all the little things. It's the moments in life that can change how you remember your past. Ever look at a photo and recall a part of your past because of a detail in the snapshot? So many of us do. That is how I remember much of my childhood... the pictures that help recall all the other details. Its a powerful medium... and I call this a job?!?! I love it!

The other part of my quote is about all those little things. What would life be without the little side details that bring big events and moments together? I love photographing details. Be it a babies dimpled leg, or the rings at your wedding... the wooden name plaque that you had as a child, that is now in the nursery of your child to come... or the look of awe your dad gives you at your wedding when he thinks no one is looking. All these little things make us love, and help tie our lives together... so they can't be passed up! Not by me at least!!!


I have to give a special thanks to Michelle and Sarah that helped me with all my text on the site. For those who know me well, the English language and I have issues at times. It can get so bad, that my friends have given me my own language "Beccanese".... For those who don't yet know me that well... oh just wait! You will see sooner than later at how many words I can make up :) .. Also I have to thank the awesome miss Laurel McConnell who is a rad friend who helped me with my new brand ideas and streamlinededness.... (see? Beccanese is coming out already!)... and of course by awesome hubby Pete... who has watched me sit way too many nights on my computer getting this site going instead of hanging out with him! I love you babe!

So... go check this awesomeness out!    www.rebeccaellison.com (make sure to click on the portfolio link though... otherwise you will just find yourself right back here! )

Please feel free to leave some blog love too :) I'd love to hear what clients and friends think of the new look!

UPDATE: There seems to be an issue with some of the links in my blog. I am having the awesome guys at BigFolio help me figure this out ....so hopefully it will be fixed soon... so much for a smooth(ish) transfer huh?

UPDATE2: aha!! I fixed it.... somehow :)