Pete and I are expecting a little boy on April 12, 2011!

I am proud/excited/nervous/ giddy to announce that after photographing little babies and loving it, I am now expecting one of my own!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you have probably already heard this bit of exciting news as I announced it a week or two ago there... but now it is official news for all to hear :)

I am 22 weeks along (5 and a half months for those mathematically challenged like me) and got me a little belly bump! It's weird to have spent my entire life caring about making my stomach flatter than it wants to be... just to change tactics and be excited and proud to see it grow! And feeling the little kicks in my belly is quite an experience as well...quite surreal! Knowing my luck I am going to have an active little one from the womb and probably all through childhood. Any of you that know Pete will agree :) He's active enough for 12 people, so it's fitting that his son is from the get go as well.

We went and had the ultrasound the day before Thanksgiving, and the ultrasound tech was commenting on how active our little guys is... but does he always have to kick me when I have to go the bathroom??!?

Here is a shot to show the bump until I get around to choosing which one of my fabulous friends in town I want to do my maternity photos... that will not be an easy decision let me tell you... but I know I'll love the shots when I do them!! It's crazy after years of watching and photographing these awesome bellies and the babies that come from them, I am now officially part of the club!

On a business note...

I am sure many of you brides are probably wondering what this new little addition means to me and possibly to you if you are looking to hire me or have hired me for your wedding next summer.

Rest assured, nothing changes my commitment to my brides for summer 2011!

I am planning a maternity leave for April through beginning of June, so if you are getting married from March to May of next year, I will not be available.

For brides getting married June through the end of time, I am booking for that time!

I have a plan that includes an awesome husband and a newly retired mom who will be taking care of the little one the night before and day of  any weddings I have booked to make sure I am 150% there to capture your day in all its beauty!

I will also be continuing to schedule  portrait shoots through mid March, so if you are looking for a fun shoot this spring please give me a call!

Thanks for being awesome readers/clients/friends during this exciting time for me and Pete!