I love this family. I've known Romana and Nathan for years as Nathan and my brother were in the Navy together. My brother has since left the Navy and moved on to being a cop in Ellensburg, but Nathan is still gung ho Navy. It's great for our country to have such a great honorable guy on the payroll, but it takes him away for months at a time sometimes. This time he is away for little Maya's first birthday. Good for the Navy, bad for being able to see his little ones on their special day. So enter a portrait session! Another reason I love my job so much. First I've gotten to watch this family grow; from Romana's maternity session and then newborn photos of little Maya... which remains one of my all time favorite newborn sessions I have ever done, and now I get to capture Maya doing the drunken toddler stumble, and see Jacob, Maya's older brother, who blows me away by how much more understandable he is this year versus last year. Not to say he didn't talk well last year, but the difference between a 3 year old and a 4 year old is amazing! And this year, it's not only fun portraits that they will treasure forever, but portraits that will help make Nathan's job out on the aircraft carrier a little bit easier. It's a powerful thing : photography!

And, to top it off... one of my favorite family photos I have ever taken is below!

I love this sequnce of Jacob throwing leaves on Romana and Maya. Perfect!This was at the end of our shoot, and Maya was not happy with me being near her snack. But why are little kids balling so cute??