I got back late late late Wednesday from a whirlwind 4 days in Vegas for WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) . It was AMAZING! I always knew WPPI would rock my socks off, but in all honesty I didn't know it would this much. Since I decided to go last minute, I didn't have any specific plans to how my time there would go. Once there, I found my friends, dropped off our bags and made our way to registration... First off, the MGM grand is GRAND!!!! That place is so ginormous, that I know it doesn't matter how many beers and cocktails I might have had while there, because I guarantee I walked off all those calories!  I went to a bunch of classes and heard from some of the industry leaders about all things from amazing album design to how to go above and beyond for your clients. I am briming with ideas to implement and ways to improve my business. To be able to meet so many people that I know only in cyberland. To actually chat and get to know them on a personal basis was amazing. This week has taught me the importance to community, of knowledge, of reaching out, of going above and beyond.... and of the value of good walking shoes (no joke!!!)

I have a couple images from my trip to share. Most of them are with my point and shoot, as I didn't find a need to lug the big camera around with me all the time! So, sorry if the quality is less than normal :)

Most classes looked something like this (below) and many people were turned away from because they had reached capacity! It was insane :)

But luckily many booths had speakers so even if you didn't get into the class you wanted to, there was still knowledge to be had everywhere!

I may, or may have a love affair with this company....

My friend Laurel McConnell was sponsored by Nikon to shoot and tweet all through the convention. So they gave her a 24mm F1.4 lens that has yet to be released yet. To say the least I was DROOLING all week at that lens!

Anyone else think of The Shining every time you see a hotel hall room like this? It crosses my mind everytime!

Pretty sure I know why my room was so inexpensive. Not a bad view of the airport though :P

These are the ladies I spent most of my week with Barbie Hull, Laurel McConnell , Jen MacNiven and Katie Ford

Yep, that's me in the black afro and glasses. what?? I felt like dressing up (along with Barbie and Laurel :P )

Who says you can't get a cool photo from a point and shoot?(below)

I love the next one because it looks like a watercolor painting!

This is the photo Laurel took with that sweet 24mm F1.4. You can see her blog awesomeness here

Thanks to WPPI for an amazing week and thanks to all the amazing photographers I met this week!!!! You are all so inspirational!