It's amazing to me that I am already at 31 weeks pregnant! And for all of you that have been asking for preggers pictures, just wait, I have them coming! I have a maternity shoot scheduled with my amazing friend and photographer Laurel McConnell at the beginning of March so you will be seeing some amazing shots soon enough! I wanted to wait till I had quite a bump for my maternity photos, as that is what I always tell my clients to wait for ;) We have set up our room for the baby as we won't be having a nursery right off the bat, and it's exciting to wake up every day and see the room just waiting for him to arrive. We are now just waiting for the bassinet Pete's dad is building for him to fill in the last little spot. SO EXCITING! His movements are getting stronger and stronger every day, we have moved distinctly away from fluttery movements to rearranging of ribs movements. Which makes sense seeing that my OB said that he is in the 84th percentile in size from my last ultrasound!!! So much for me hoping he would take after Pete in birth size - just under 6 lbs- instead of my birth size which was just over 10 lbs. Should be interesting!

Feeling his movements are by far the most amazing thing to expirience.  Feeling him move and rearrange... and sometimes punch me is so surreal. We are now at the point of seeing my belly move all over the place if he is being super active. It's an amazing thing! I've always loved pregnant women, obviously, since I choose to capture them in all their glory as often as I can, and being pregnant has given me a whole new understanding of the beauty of it. Even though it is hard to tie my shoes, Pete is always having to help me get off the couch and laughing because I try and reach for something and I always seem to make an amusing low grunting noise because of the effort, and the constant pee trips. It's an interesting experience!!!

It hasn't stopped me from shooting though! I have shoots scheduled up till mid March, so clients will get to laugh with me at all the funny little things that aren't as easy as they used to be (like crouching!) but I do still anyways. Anything for the shot right?

To end it with a picture :) (Thankfully my brother got home just in time to help me out and keep me from having to try for a true self portrait!)

self portrait - Rebecca ellison photography

and on a business note, I will be taking maternity leave from April 5th through Jun2 5th. I am still scheduling shoots through mid March as of right now and then playing it by ear. I will be open for skype client consults while on maternity leave if you are planning your wedding as I will still be booking weddings from June on!